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Angelus MZ Primer

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MZ Primer
Safety for the adhesion to metal and zirconia.
MZ Primer is a one-bottle solution that promotes the bonding of resins (composite, cement, acrylic) to a
variety of substrates such as metals and ceramics,including zirconia and alumina. Simple and versatile, without the need of complicated procedures, it provides long-term, reliable results.
In situations where it is necessary to increase and stabilize bonding between organic materials such as resins (composite, cement, acrylic) and inorganic materials such as metals and ceramic surfaces.
Chemical Bonding agent for metal, Zirconia and Alumina.

phema, methacrylate, PMDM, benzoyl peroxide and solvent (acetone).

Laboratory use: to increase the adhesion of composite and acrylic resins to metal and Zirconia structures.
Clinical use: to increase adhesion in the cementation of crowns with metal or Zirconia frameworks and to
treat metal surfaces during crown repair procedures with composite resin

  • Easy application
  • Enhances adhesion of composite resins to metal, Zirconia or Alumina surfaces
  • Indicated for the clinic and the laboratory
  • Single bottle
  • High adhesion to metal, zirconia and Alumina
  • Ample use


1 x 5ml

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