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angelus mta fillapex small tube 12gm

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  • Presence of MTA in the formula: allows the formation of new tissue, including root
  • Biocompatibility: rapid recovery of tissues without causing an inflammatory reaction
  • High Radiopacity: perfect radiographic visualization
  • Does not stain tooth structure as it is free of eugenol and bismuth oxide
  • Excellent Flow: the flowable consistency of MTA-Fillapex is engineered to penetrate and
    also to fill lateral canals
  • Setting expansion: provides excellent sealing of the root canal, avoiding the
    penetration of tissue fluids and/or bacterial recontamination
  • Calcium ion release: induces rapid tissue regeneration in sites with bone lesions and
    microbial activity
  • System paste x paste: easy handling and insertion
  • Working time: 23 minutes and Setting time: 130 minutes


  • Working Time :35 minutes
  • Setting time average: 130 minutes


Salicylate resin Fumed Silica
Titanium Dioxide
Bismuth Trioxide Mineral Trioxide
Aggregate (40%)
Fumed Silica Base resin




  • 1 x 7.2g Base paste
  • 1 x 4.8g Catalyst paste
  • 1 x mixing pad