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3M Unitek Abzil MBT Mini 20 Metal Brackets MBT 5×5 .022 (345) - 051-119

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The Abzil MBT Mini 022 Low Profile Bracket System incorporates a low profile approach that enhances both aesthetics and patient comfort.

  • A unique rhomboid design with a flatter, compounded radius accommodates naturally occurring variation in tooth surfaces. This design assures three point contact for increased tooth adaptation.
  • Mesial-distal dimension is not compromised even though the bracket has a low profile. You maintain the rotational control you need to get the results you desire.
  • Delivers uncompromising levels of control throughout the treatment process, assuring consistent patient outcomes with the use of the MBT™ System.
  • Positioning is made easier and more accurate because of their rhomboid shape that follows the natural vertical line of the tooth.
  • Ample under tie-wing area is integral to the design so you do not have to sacrifice bracket size for easy ligation.
  • Smooth radius surface for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Torque in Base for level slot line-up
  • Uncompromising under tie-wing area for ease of ligation.
  • Color-coded quadrant ID system.
  • Vertical scribe line for more accurate bracket placement.
  • Micro-etch base surface and anatomical contouring.


  • The Abzil MBT Mini 022 Low Profile Bracket is a sure winner on the patient satisfaction front. Unlike other conventional and miniature brackets, they incorporate a low profile approach that enhances both aesthetics and patient comfort.
  • 17/4 steel : Better strength.
  • Vertical demarcation: Assists in accurate bracket positioning.
  • Rounded corners: Enhance comfort for patients.
  • They look better. They feel better.And, because of their lower profile, your patients are more comfortable wearing them.
  • In addition to their low profile, the occlusal/gingival dimension has also been reduced, enhancing patient hygiene.
  • This optimum sizing gives your patients a reason to smile while they are in treatment.
  • The 80-micron base provides good strength for bracket positioning and for the application of orthodontic forces.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Prescription: MBT
  • Slot Size (Imperial): 0.022 in

20 Brackets Per Kit

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